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Randolph to Nationals?

Former Mets manager Willie Randolph may be up for another job in 2009, but as a base coach. While he prefers to manage, the only two jobs that are open are with the Brewers and Mariners, and it is likely the Brewers with bring back Dave Sveum so it is just the Mariners. The Nationals told Randolph that they were interested in hiring him, and while Randolph is interested, he is set to make 2.25 million dollars next season so he could sit out and wait for a job to open up next season.

Randolph did an above average job for the Mets, who failed to make it to the playoffs despite leading in September. However, he will enter his next job more experienced, and a better understanding of the league, so he should fair well.

The Nationals and Yankees are the only two teams believed to be pursuing him.

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