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Red Sox and Padres Match Up Nicely

If the Padres decide to shop Jake Peavy, expect the Red Sox to get more consideration than other teams. Peavy, who went 10-11 with a 2.85 ERA, won nineteen games last season and is under contract. While his price may spike soon, it is a bargain compared to what other pitchers are getting. Kevin Towers and Theo Epstein are good friends and have made trades before, so they are familiar with each others needs and wants. If the Red Sox were to package a deal around Michael Bowden or Clay Buchholz, and then include a mixture of players that would include Jed Lowrie, Lars Anderson, Kyle Fernandes, among others.

I'm hesitant to say that Epstein is willing to make such a dent in his minor league system, mostly because their team isn't the youngest in baseball, so trading away their future might hurt them when the Rays and Blue Jays mature and compete for the playoffs. However, Epstein is one of the best GMs when it comes to trades and drafting, so they should be okay if they do decide to make a trade.

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