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Reds Make Offers To Weathers, Hairston

Reds GM Walt Jocketty confirmed today that the Reds have made offers to both Dave Weathers and Jerry Hairston Jr. Weathers is likely looking at two year deal with an option for a third while Hairston is looking at a one year deal. Weathers, who was 4-6 with a 3.25 ERA in 72 games this season, said he was much more comfortable in a late inning role, rather than a closing role. Hairston hit .326 with 6 HR in 80 games this season, but is still looking at a one year deal, maybe with a couple performance based options.

The Reds are expected to be some what aggressive in the offseason, going after a middle infielder, outfielder, and some bullpen help. It is possible the Reds would pursue Juan Pierre for their center field spot, but only if they have to give up very little and pay Pierre 1/3 of his contract, which is probably unlikely. Bobby Abreu is an option on the market while a middle infielder via trade could be Luis Castillo.

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