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Rockies Targeting Sherrill, Roberts?

According to one NL executive, the Rockies are looking for a closer and a second baseman and may look to trade Matt Holliday (and a prospect or two) to land both of them. "That wouldn't surprise me at all," when asked about the possible swap. Orioles closer George Sherrill was 3-5 with 31 saves and a 4.73 ERA in 57 games for the Orioles. He is up for arbitration while Roberts, who hit .296 with 9 HR and 40 SB will make 8 million dollars. Holliday is making 13 million dollars in 2009, so the contracts would not be that far off if Sherrill was to get somewhere between 2.3-3.0 million dollars.

Several teams are going after Roberts, but if they were able to land Holliday and a prospect while only giving up Roberts and Sherrill (and maybe a prospect), they would be in much better shape for 2009. Not to mention if they went after a second tier pitcher and Mark Teixeira.

There would obviously be a lot of obstacles, like how many players, cash, and other things like that, but this really isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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