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Royals Targeting Burrell and Furcal?

The Royals are looking to make a splash this offseason and are targeting names such as Pat Burrell and Rafael Furcal. It is hard to lure anyone to Kansas City right now, so the Royals might need to overpay to land Burrell or Furcal, both of whom are in the NLCS right now. The Royals are better off going after someone like Bobby Abreu or Rocco Baldelli because they are cheaper and could put up big numbers.

As for the infield, going after Furcal is a little far-fetched, mostly because he has already expressed an interest in staying in LA, but going after Orlando Cabrera or Mark Ellis could work. In a trade, they could go after Mike Fontenot, who hit .305 with 9 HR.

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