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Should The Twins Trade Kubel?

Sports blog First and Goal from Second Base suggests it would be best for the Twins to trade Jason Kubel this offseason for a reliever. Kubel is coming off the best year of his career and can be considered one of the best outfield/DH players available this offseason. He hit .272 with 20 HR in 463 ABs this season, setting career highs in HR and RBIs. The average DH hit .256 while the average AL LF hit .267, so several teams would benefit from him.

While the blog suggests trading him to the Royals, a team like the Cubs would be better, but only if they miss out on their first target. Michael Wuertz struggled with his control but has an excellent slider, and that could entice the Twins. Another possibility is the Rays, who had the third best team ERA in baseball. They have the depth, and could trade someone like Chad Bradford for Kubel, who could play right field.

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