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Springer to Cubs?

Cardinals relief pitcher Russ Springer would like to pitch next year, but it is unclear whether or not the Cardinals want him back. He went 2-1 with a 2.32 ERA in 70 games this season and hasn't shown too many signs of slowing down. If the Cardinals pass on Springer, expect the Cubs to move in on him. The Cubs love to take chances on inexpensive veterans, especially guys that are familiar with the division (Springer has been in the NL Central since 2003). Jason Marquis, Jim Edmonds, and Ryan Dempster are all examples of the Cubs pulling guys away from rival teams in the division and using them to not just help win, but help scout.

The Cubs are also expected to inquire about Juan Cruz, as well as a starter, perhaps Nate Robertson, who they have scouted before.

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