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Time To Trade Lee?

Is it time to trade Derrek Lee? Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee is a fan favorite among Cubs fans, but could he be hurting the team? He only hit .291 with 20 HR in the three spot, while grounding into the most double plays in the league. Maybe moving him to the five spot and Soriano to third would make a difference, but it looks like Lee is starting to decline. He has slowed down in the field and was injured through his prime, barely able to hit 20 homeruns over the past two seasons. Trading Lee while his value is somewhat high would bring in a solid pitcher or two, while opening a spot for the Cubs to make a splash. I'm not saying trade Lee and use some of that money to sign Mark Teixeira, but that would show the Cubs' commitment to winning.

The Angels, Atheltics, Mariners, and Giants are all in the market for a first baseman, and have the prospects worth the Cubs' while. We'll see what happens.
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