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Twins Seeking Bullpen, Infield Help

Twins GM Bill Smith is hoping to find some bullpen and infield help, according to the Pioneer Press. There are several solid free agents that could help the Twins bullpen, and even better infield options, but only if they are aggressive. Dan Wheeler, who thrived in the late inning relief role with the Rays, could be available. He would make for a great option if they Pat Neshek can't get healthy. Another solid player would be Juan Cruz, who has come to form with the Diamondbacks over the past couple of years. Realistically though, these are the most sought after relievers on the market, so they could be aggressive for one and pursue another reliever through trade, perhaps Alex Hinshaw.

As for the infield, obviously Hank Blalock would be a great player to go after, but someone like Joe Crede might be more realistic. If they were to pursue a shortstop instead, they could go after Khalil Greene through trade, or even Edgar Renteria, who was let go by the Tigers. If the Brewers attempt to unload JJ Hardy, expect the Twins to be all over that.

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