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Uggla to Rockies?

The Marlins plan to shop some of their young talent this offseason and the Rockies have already named one of their targets: Dan Uggla. Uggla did pretty well for the Marlins this season hitting .260 with 32 HR in 146 games. He will likely look for 5-6 million in arbitration and the Marlins are not comfortable taking that type of salary on. The Rockies have several attractive players that could improve the Marlins, making a trade very plausible.

The Marlins could go target Taylor Buchholz in a deal, along with Ryan Spilborghs in the outfield. As for another player in the deal, they could go after a minor league infielder. Someone like Jayson Nix could be available after the Rockies "gave up" on him early on this past season. Uggla is very athletic and could play several different positions for the Rockies - this move seems like a no brainer.

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