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Will The Mariners Trade Beltre?

Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik has a decision to make: Trade Adrian Beltre entering his walk year or offer him an extension, protecting themselves from having to overpay him after he puts together a solid year. While there are arguments for both case, the Mariners would be smart to move him for prospects and start the rebuilding phase with extra money and a .260 power hitter out of their lineup. The Giants, Diamondbacks, and Brewers are all possibilities for Beltre, who has one year and twelve million dollars remaining on his salary. A team like the Brewers could take a chance on him because not only will he be better than Bill Hall, but his numbers should improve entering a contract year.

The Mariners will be busy this offseason, and it starts with building up their farm system, finding an outfielder, and a legitimate first baseman.

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