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Will The Rays Make A Move?

The Rays will enter this offseason with one of the deepest pitching staffs in baseball. They have four very capable pitchers waiting in the wings in David Price, Jacob McGee, Wade Davis, and Eduardo Morlan. Trading Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine for a right fielder or catcher would keep them right at the top of the division, as well open a spot for David Price to shine. Trading Edwin Jackson makes sense because he will bring back more, but Sonnanstine will give the Rays a prospect or two for the future.

Trading Jackson to the Rockies would be a good move. They could make a play for Ryan Spilborghs, who hit .313 with 6 HR and 89 games for the Rockies. He would give the Rays depth in the outfield and a solid bat in the lineup. Other options include Delmon Young, Connor Jackson, Andre Ethier, David DeJesus, and Reed Johnson, among others.

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