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Yankees Not Interested In Teixeira?

According to the New York Post, top Yankee executives agree that they need to get a first baseman, but have barely mentioned Mark Teixeira in their talks. Jason Giambi had a pretty decent year hitting 32 homeruns for the club, but he may want more money than the Yankees are willing to spend. There are some reports that the Blue Jays or Athletics may take a chance on Giambi, meaning the Yankees would have to fill a void. They have Juan Miranda in Triple-A, who hit .287 with 12 HR, but he isn't ready to play everyday.

If the Yankees are to explore the trade market, it is possible they will call the Padres about Adrian Gonzalez. The Padres struggled this season losing 99 games, and Kevin Towers said no one is untouchable. The Yankees could trade a couple prospects, maybe include Igawa and cash, to land Gonzalez. He hit .279 with 36 HR, but may be in for a big year in New York because of the short right field fence at Yankee Stadium. Other options for the Yankees include Ryan Howard, Derrek Lee, Garrett Atkins, or Andy LaRoche, among others.

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