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2009 Top 50 Free Agents Predictions: 21-30

21. Casey Blake, Dodgers
- Blake is coming off a big year, having helped the Dodgers reach the NLCS. However, he prefers to play at a small venue and will likely return to the Midwest.

Prediction: Twins

22. Jon Garland, Angels
- Garland is a solid pitcher who will eat a lot of innings. He is coming off a 14-win season and has dominated in years past, so he is an interesting character. I expect teams that miss out on their first targets to go after him.

Prediction: Dodgers

23. Andy Pettitte, Yankees
- Pettitte wants to play with the Yankees, and the Yankees would like him. Seems like a solid match.

Prediction: Yankees

24. Jamie Moyer, Phillies
- Moyer had a great year with the Phillies and is a leader in the clubhouse. Another one year deal after a sixteen win season makes sense.

Prediction: Phillies

25. Randy Wolf, Astros
- Wolf did a great job for the Astros after he was let go by the Padres, and the Astros have already expressed interest in resigning him.

Prediction: Astros

26. Edgar Renteria, Tigers
- Renteria was let go by the Tigers after a rough season, but would likely bounce back playing for a good team in a strong, close clubhouse. A reunion in St. Louis makes sense.

Prediction: Cardinals

27. Brad Penny, Dodgers
- Penny was let go by the Dodgers despite winning 38 games over the past three seasons. He is hurt, but I'm sure several teams will be in on him.

Prediction: Angels

28. John Smoltz, Braves
- A career Brave, GM Frank Wren will bring him back.

Prediction: Braves

29. Mark Grudzielanek, Royals
- Grudzielanek has kept a pretty solid average over the past couple of seasons and will likely land a back up or platoon job somewhere.

Prediction: Rockies

30. Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks
- The Diamondbacks cannot afford to bring Randy Johnson back, so he will hit the open market looking to reach 300-wins.

Prediction: Rangers

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