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Angels Turning To Sabathia?

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Angels will pursue other needs as they wait for their Mark Teixeira's price to fall. What this means is that the Angels will aggressively pursue CC Sabathia as they wait for Teixeira to back of his ten year demands. The Angels have reportedly met with CC Sabathia and plan to extend him a 140-million dollar contract offer, similar to the one the Yankees have offered. It is hard to argue that Mark Teixiera does not deserve the twenty-million dollars he is asking for. He is a game changer, who is still solid in the field and a leader in the clubhouse. While the ten years is a lot to ask for, seven or eight years is not unreasonable.

He is twenty-eight years old, has hit .290 over the course of his career, and has his best years ahead of him. Aside from contributing to the team, you could put a new face on the franchise and create a marketing campaign as he approaches historic milestones (assuming he stays healthy). Either way, he will be a draw in Anaheim.

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