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Braves After Ludwick?

Aside from pursuing Jake Peavy, the Braves would like to pursue a power hitting outfielder. Braves GM Frank Wren has the prospects to make both deals happen, but may look to an up-and-comer over an established power hitter like Matt Holliday. With that said, the Braves could look to the Cardinals and Ryan Ludwick in a trade. Ludwick, who hit .299 with 37 HR in 152 games this season, would cost the Braves a lot, but it would be well worth it for the Braves. Before Peavy was made available, the Braves were reportedly looking to sign a starter and pursue an outfielder through trade. Now, they may trade away a solid part of their minor league system for two All-Star players, something the Braves definitely need to consider.

One possibility is that the Padres, Braves, and Cardinals work out a three way trade that would get the Braves Ludwick and Peavy, the Cardinals get Yunel Escobar, and the Padres get a boatload of prospects from the Cardinals and Braves, including Cardinals prospect Peter Kozma and Braves prospects Tommy Hansen and Jordon Schafer. While that is unlikely, a deal similar to this could actually go down. We'll see what happens.

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