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Brewers, Mets Interested In Street

According to rival executives, the Brewers and Mets are showing the most interest in Rockies closer Huston Street. The Rockies are currently shopping both Huston Street and Garrett Atkins, but nothing appears imminent at this point. The Reds have expressed interest in Garrett Atkins, but have no intention of parting with Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto, or Edinson Volquez, suggesting a deal, if any, will be based around Homer Bailey. The Angels, Twins, and Indians are also pursuing Atkins, and a deal could be struck by the Winter Meetings.

As for Street, the Brewers are showing serious interest, but do not have too much to offer at this point. They do not want to surrender someone like Manny Parra, mostly because he is very reliable and one of the only young, established pitchers they have. The Mets, who appear more than willing to deal Aaron Heilman, match up better. They have a deeper farm system and an established pitcher with 8th inning experience. The Indians and Tigers are also showing some interest in Street, but reportedly have not had contact with GM Dan O'Dowd.

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