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Heilman Wants Out If He Can't Start

Mets pitcher Aaron Heilman told the NY Daily News that if the Mets won't let him start, he would like to be traded. Heilman isn't exactly in a position to demand a starting spot, considering he went 3-8 with a 5.21 ERA in 78 games for the Mets. He is thirty years old, and probably needs a change of scenery to really live up to his potential. With that said, the Rockies could be a suitor. They have always had interest in Heilman and could trade Street for Heilman and a prospect.

The Cubs are looking to trade for Jake Peavy and could trade someone like Ronny Cedeno and a prospect for Heilman. This would give the Cubs a solid pitcher to include in the Jake Peavy deal, a move that would give the Cubs the best rotation in the National League, if not the whole MLB.

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