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Nationals Acquire Olsen, Willingham

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The Nationals have traded Emilio Bonifacio, P.J. Dean, and Jake Smolinski to the Marlins for Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen. This is a great trade for both teams. The Nationals acquire a solid starter with ace potential as well as a outfielder with some upside. Olsen was 8-11 with a 4.20 ERA in thirty three games this season while Willingham hit .254 with 15 HR in 102 games. Both guys will have starting roles with the team and probably do fairly well playing in the same division.

As for the prospects the Marlins will receive, Bonifacio is the only one with major league experience. He will likely be a utility player for the Marlins in 2009. In 10 games in Class-A short season, Dean went 4-1 with a 1.57 ERA. In 24 games in Class-A short season, Smolinksi hit .306 with 0 HR.

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