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Perez to Brewers?

If the Brewers fail to sign CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets, they will target Oliver Perez, industry sources believe. The Brewers do expect a counter offer from Sabathia, but it will likely be closer to seven years around 22-24 million dollars. The Yankees appear to be the only team willing to go that long and for that price, but don't be surprised if the Brewers break the bank with Sabathia. The Brewers future success really rests with Sabathia, who personally carried them into the postseason. Yes, they have several young pitchers, but there is no guarantee win every fifth day.

The Red Sox should be a model for the Brewers. While they have the money to pursue CC Sabathia, they plan to go after A.J. Burnett instead while pursuing other needs as well. If the Brewers are willing to invest at least twenty-million dollars on one player, why not spread that around? If they went out and signed Oliver Perez, they could also pursue Jon Garland, fortifying the bottom end of their rotation. Not only that, but they would have money to sign Joe Crede, who could take over at third base. Realistically, that would cost them around 25 million dollars, but it is three rather healthy (and young) players instead of one, overweight player with questions about the strength of his shoulder following the end of this season.

While my scenario is highly unlikely, the Brewers would be smart to go after under the radar guys who are going to produce big.

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