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Phillies To Name Amaro Jr. GM

The Phillies are set to announce that Ruben Amaro Jr. will be their next GM. Amaro, who went to Stanford, had two stints with the Phillies before joining the Front Office. Amaro is very experienced when it comes to Front Office operations, not to mention being mentored by Pat Gillick for the past three seasons. He is very familiar with contract negotiation, the draft, and arbitration, so the transition should be very smooth. The other executive competing for the job was Mike Arbuckle, who has decided to leave the organization after news of Amaro "winning" the job.

Arbuckle has been with the team since 1993, and has a GM position waiting for him in his future. The Brewers and Mariners are expected to talk with him about openings in their Front Office, among several other teams.

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