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Quick Hits: Street, Blake, Arbuckle, Blalock

Quick Hits:
  • The Brewers are reportedly considering making a run for closer Huston Street, according to the NY Post. While the Brewers are intriguing, the plethora of prospects in Cleveland make them much more intriguing. If the Athletics trade Street, expect them to look for three or four mid to low-level pitching prospects.
  • The Indians, who are looking for an upgrade at third base, may target Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake. The Indians traded Blake back in July, but believe there is mutual interest in a reunion in Cleveland. Blake reportedly prefers playing for a smaller venue, and it showed in his split stats between Cleveland and Los Angeles. The Twins, White Sox, and Orioles have expressed interest in signing a corner infielder.
  • Former Phillies Director of Scouting Mike Arbuckle is drawing a lot of interest around the majors. Arbuckle is credited with drafting Hamels, Utley, Howard, Rollins, Myers, and Ruiz, among others, and will likely get signed very soon. The Royals are reportedly "very interested," but so are the Brewers and Yankees.
  • The Dodgers are hoping to bring in a third baseman for 2009 and could target Hank Blalock if they miss out on Casey Blake. Ned Colletti would like to get a corner infielder and trading for Blalock would really improve their lineup.

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