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Rockies After Beimel, Cruz?

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The Rockies are preparing offers for both Joe Beimel and Juan Cruz, according to a source with knowledge of the Rockies plans. Both Beimel and Cruz were effective pitchers this season in the NL West and bringing in dominant relievers would really help their pitching. The Denver Post reported that the Rockies were after Joe Beimel, but had nothing to report on details of an offer. The Rockies, at this point, will hold onto Garrett Atkins and move Ian Stewart to left field, pushing Ryan Spilborghs, Carlos Gonzalez, and Willy Tavarez into a platoon in center field. The Rockies would be smart to move Tavarez, who would likely bring back a solid pitching prospect in return.

The Rockies are expected to make their offers official sometime this week, and the deal is expected to be two to three years worth about 5-7 million dollars annually.

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