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Rockies After Beimel?

With Huston Street and Manny Corpas patrolling the eight and ninth innings, the Rockies would like to bring in Joe Beimel to close up the seventh, according to The Rockies are impressed by Beimel's ability to force ground balls. Over the past two seasons, Beimel has given up just one homerun while playing for the Dodgers. Colorado may appeal to Beimel because he would be playing in the same division as he has for the past three seasons. Beimel has reportedly had discussions with the Tigers and Cardinals, but no contract offers have been exchanged.

The Rockies are expected to pursue a late inning guy, and could also target Dan Wheeler, Ron Villone, or Trevor Miller. As for starters, they are expected to target Brad Penny, who has also had success in Colorado.

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