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Rogers' Latest

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune has a great piece out highlighting a lot of news coming out of baseball:
  • Phil Rogers is hearing that Ryan Dempster could sign with the Cubs as early as Thursday. The Cubs are probably hoping to give him a three year deal, but it is likely he will get a four year deal, worth 12-14 million dollars.
  • The Cardinals could pursue a trade for pitcher Javier Vazquez. The Cardinals have a lot of outfield depth and could trade Rick Ankiel and a prospect to land Vazquez, who would help the top half of their rotation.
  • Mark Teixeira's agent, Scott Boras, is reportedly receiving interest from more teams than he can negotiate with. Should we expect a surprise team to get in on negotiations? The Phillies? Cubs? Rays!? Boras is probably talking his client up.
  • The Chicago Tribune refuted a Sun-Times report about Dayan Viciedo saying that Viciedo has raw tools and his commitment problems should cause teams to worry.

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