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Rosenthal's Latest: Peavy, Burnett, Brewers, Mariners

Ken Rosenthal has a new piece up, let's get right to it:
  • Padres GM Kevin Towers is aggressively shopping Jake Peavy and has targeted the Braves, Dodgers, and Cubs as the three NL teams to pick from. Of the three teams, the Dodgers have the best prospects, but they are the least willing to trade their prospects. At this point, it seems the best way to make a trade would be a three way trade involving Peavy and another one of their players. That way, they would get three or four prospects from two teams.
  • A.J. Burnett is expected to opt out of his contract in the next day or so, and when he does, expect several East Coast teams to pursue him. The Orioles and Nationals are obvious choices, geographically, but the Red Sox and Yankees are also possibilities. He will likely stay in Toronto, but if he moves, don't expect him to go far.
  • The Brewers made an offer to CC Sabathia today, and it is believed to be around five years and 100-110 million dollars. The Yankees offer is expected to be fifty to sixty million dollars more, so Sabathia is likely gone. At least Brewers fans know that they have money to spend this offseason.
  • The Mariners are looking for a manager and are hoping to find someone that can manage a clubhouse. They plan to talk with Joey Cora and possibility Alan Trammell, but will take a close look at Ned Yost, who GM Zduriencik worked with in Milwaukee. Cora is probably the best option, mostly because he is bilingual.
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