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Vazquez to Mets, Cubs, or Cardinals?

According to the Chicago Tribune, the White Sox have started shopping Javier Vazquez around to other teams. The Mets have reportedly expressed interest in Vazquez, but may target him only if they miss out on their first targets. The White Sox are probably looking for two solid prospects, along with a bench player to help their depth. One possibility for the Sox is that they trade Vazquez for Luis Castillo and a prospect. That would prevent serious money problems (Vazquez has 2/22 while Castillo has 3/18) as well as help both teams.

The Cubs and Cardinals are both pursuing starters and could target Vazquez as a replacement. If the Cubs lose Dempster, they could pursue Vazquez in exchange for a couple prospects, perhaps Mike Fontenot and a pair of pitching prospects. The Cardinals are hoping to land A.J. Burnett, but have also expressed interest in bringing in a veteran pitcher. Bringing in Vazquez would not cost them too many prospects, and it would be very helpful for them in 2009.

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