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Angels Withdraw Offer To Teixeira

The Angels are backing out of the Mark Teixeira races, Yahoo! Sports is reporting. The Angels became the second team in recent days to step out of the Mark Teixeira races, joining the Red Sox who found his price too steep. The Angels and Red Sox, who found his price to steep, are pressuring Boras to work out a deal with the Nationals or Orioles, the only teams left in the bidding. The Angels offered an 8-year deal, worth 160 million dollars; Teixeira is seeking eight years for 180 million dollars.

While Teixeira would like to play out East, he would probably take the 170 million that the Red Sox were offering before going to the Nationals or Orioles. The ball is in Boras' court.

UPDATE: The source informed Tim Brown said that the Angels would not work with his agent, which could be a call to Mark Teixeira to step in and get a deal done. Hmmm...

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