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Arbitration Update

Arbitration update:
  • According to Jerry Crasnick, Free agent Casey Blake has declined arbitration, but it still working on a short term deal with the Dodgers. The Twins are also interested, but they are reportedly pursuing other options.
  • Free agent pitcher Oliver Perez has declined the Mets arbitration offer. The Cardinals are reportedly showing interest, but the Mets do plan to meet with his agent this week at the Winter Meetings.
  • According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Brian Shouse declined the Brewers arbitration offer.
  • According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Reds reliever David Weathers accepted the Reds' arbitration offer. The Reds are also close to signing reliever Arthur Rhodes.
  • Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Lyon has declined the Diamondbacks arbitration offer, according to the Arizona Republic.
In other news...
  • The Mets are preparing an offer for free agent closer Francisco Rodriguez. They have already met in Las Vegas.
  • John Perrotto is reporting that the Rays are the third team in the Jake Peavy deal that will involve Brian Giles going to the Rays. Sounds pretty far-fetched to me.
  • The White Sox are moving closer to trading Jermaine Dye, but have not agreed to trade him to the Reds for Homer Bailey, according to the Hot Stove Blog.
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