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Catcher Rumors

Here are a couple rumors on the catcher front:
  • Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Diamondbacks plan to keep Miguel Montero and Chris Snyder. Montero has drawn a lot of interest after his impressive performance during the some of the Winter League action. Sources say the Diamondbacks might make Montero available during Spring Training, but his impressive minor league numbers and above average showing in the big leagues makes him a candidate to start in 2009.
  • The Red Sox have some interest in free agent Ronny Paulino, but won't act on it until they know whether Jason Varitek is returning or not.
  • The Nationals are reportedly considering a run at a veteran catcher, but specifics are not known.
Stay tuned for more updates later tonight. Not only that, but I interviewed Torii Hunter today, and I will get that up later tonight.

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