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Diamondbacks Extend Snyder

The Diamondbacks and catcher Chris Snyder have agreed to a three year extension worth 14.5 million dollars. The deal, which includes a club option for 2012, will give up two years of free agency if the option is picked up. I received emails after the signing was made official saying that back up catcher Miguel Montero is probably on his way out, but that isn't exactly true. Montero saw improvement in his numbers from last season, and he continues that strong play in the Winter Leagues, hitting .302 with 8 HR and a .358 OBP in 149 at-bats.

The Red Sox have expressed interest in Montero and if he continues to play well, the Diamondbacks might be able to land a solid prospect in return. However, Montero has been asked to play some third base, so the Diamondbacks might try to get him 200-at bats or so by playing him at third and catcher.

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