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Furcal Rejects Athletics Offer

According to, the Athletics four year, thirty-five million dollar deal to Rafael Furcal was rejected late last night. I have a feeling that that is the best offer he is going to get. Furcal hit .357 in 36 games for the Dodgers last season, and is a career .286 hitter. Considering he had a poor 2007 and has back problems in 2008 that kept him out, and four year deal with a thirteen million dollar pay cut is not such a bad deal.

The Athletics have pulled out of the running for Furcal, and will pursue other free agents. Some suspect they will keep Crosby and pursue free agent Randy Johnson, as well as a hitter like Adam Dunn or Pat Burrell. However, Eric Chavez is a huge question mark and they need another impact player. They could go after Angel Berroa, who had a great second half with the Dodgers last season. Some of these big time free agents could be for sale this offseason because of the economic crisis, and teams like the A's should be ready to jump on it come next week.

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