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Mets Acquire Putz

The Mets, in an attempt to rebuff their bullpen, have acquired JJ Putz in a three team deal involving the Mariners and Indians. In the deal, the Mariners receive Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, and minor leaguers Maikel Claito, Jason Vargas, Ezequiel Carrera from the Mets as well as Franklin Gutierez from the Indians. The Indians receive reliever Joe Smith and Luis Valbuena and the Mets also get Jeremy Reed and Sean Green from Seattle.

The Mets now have one of the best 8th and 9th inning combos, which will certainly take pressure off of some of their middle relievers who were asked to step into late inning roles last season. Mariners setup man Brandon Morrow made it known that he does not want to return to the closer role, so it is possible that the Mariners may trade Heilman and a prospect to the Rockies for Huston Street.

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