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MLB Non-Tender List

Here is a look at the MLB Non-Tender List:

Here are some interesting names on that list:

Ty Wigginton, Astros: Wigginton hit .285 with 23 HR and a .350 OBP in 111 games for the Astros. GM Ed Wade informed me at the meetings that the team has had to make serious cuts, so going to arbitration with Wigginton is probably too risky for them. Wigginton came into September hitting .303, but struggled in September hitting just .186. Still, several teams will be in on him. My money is on the Twins.

Chuck James, Braves: James is still recovering from surgery, but had an eleven win season and is a lefty. The Pirates, Rangers, Diamondbacks, and Blue Jays could all make plays for the pitcher.

Takashi Saito, Dodgers: Saito is having elbow problems but has a career 1.95 ERA in the majors. There should be significant interest in his client.

Daniel Cabrera, Orioles: Cabrera has struggled thus far with the Orioles but is a big pitcher with a power arm. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Tigers make a play for him as a potential closer, but only if there was mutual interest. He will be signed fairly quickly, perhaps by the Braves.

Willy Taveras, Rockies: Teams looking to trade for Taveras found out too soon that if they could not trade him, they would non-tender him. His league leading 68 stolen bases can now go to the highest bidder.

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