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Padres Sign Correia

The Padres have signed free agent pitcher Kevin Correia to a minor league deal. Correia, who went 3-8 with a 6.05 ERA in 25 appearances (19 starts) for the Giants, is much better suited as a reliever compiling 3.47 ERA over 107 games (just 8 starts) between 2006-2007. Moving back to his hometown and playing in the same division could give the Padres a huge advantage in the bullpen.

The Padres also signed Luis Rodriguez to a one year deal worth 675,000 dollars. Rodriguez hit .287 in 65 games for the Padres last season, and could start at second or short if the Padres don't find infield depth. Rodriguez has the potential to hit .280-.290, having proved that during his stint with the Padres. While this is a solid signing for the Padres, he probably won't have much of a significant impact.

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