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Quick Hits

Quick Hits:
  • Padres GM Kevin Towers plans to talk with the Cubs this week in hopes of lining up a deal that would send the Padres at least five players, including top prospect Josh Vitters. This could be the deal of the Winter Meetings.
  • The Cardinals are going after free agent reliever Arthur Rhodes, and plan to meet with his agent next week in Las Vegas. He was 4-1 with a 2.06 ERA last season with Seattle and Florida.
  • The Twins don't appear willing to up their offer for Casey Blake, but are reportedly considering adding a little more money to the deal. Brining in a veteran like Blake is crucial for the Twins, who have the pitching, but need the offense to really compete with teams like the Red Sox.
  • The Rays are shopping Edwin Jackson in hopes of receiving a corner outfielder in return. It is possible they would pursue Ryan Ludwick if the Cardinals miss out on Oliver Perez.
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