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Quick Hits

Quick Hits:
  • The Yankees have increased their offer to free agent A.J. Burnett. Their new offer, the third in three days, is now a five year deal worth 91 million dollars.
  • The Red Sox are reportedly closing in on Mark Teixiera, sources told Ken Rosenthal.
  • According to the Arizona Republic, the Diamondbacks have made an offer to free agent Felipe Lopez.
  • The Nationals plan to meet with the agents of Pat Burrell, Adam Dunn, and Bobby Abreu, according to sources.
  • The Rays also plan to talk with Bobby Abreu, one source informed me.
  • The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Cubs may have some interest in Angels infielder Chone Figgins.
  • John Frisaro is reporting that the Marlins released Matt Treanor.
  • The Braves are stepping up their pursuits for free agent Derek Lowe, according to one executive.
  • The Brewers are looking to add a veteran pitcher, and may target Oliver Perez.
  • The Padres should know by tomorrow whether or not the Cubs will accept the offer.

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