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Rosenthal's Latest

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  • The Mariners are reportedly checking out Adam Dunn and Pat Burrell as possible replacements for Raul Ibanez. Dunn would give the Mariners the big bat they need in the middle of their lineup, but the strikeouts might be a problem. Both Dunn and Burrell were not offered arbitration, making them very desirable to the rebuilding Mariners.
  • The Cardinals may be gearing up for a serious run at free agent pitcher Oliver Perez. The Mets and Oliver Perez have not had too many conversations over the past couple weeks, but there is mutual interest. The Cardinals are also talking with Kerry Wood and Brian Fuentes.
  • All the moves the Giants are making could be a precursor to a big push for CC Sabathia, who is from California. While Sabathia has stressed that he just wants to be happy, meaning location isn't the only thing, it would be hard to turn down returning home to a team that doesn't have any spending limits this winter. They could be the Cubs of the 2006-2007 offseason!
  • Rosenthal suggests the Braves could pursue Adam Dunn, but I spoke with an industry source who said the Braves are slowly targeting outfield targets. They are preparing a five year offer for A.J. Burnett, and we could see him pull of a fast trade for an outfielder, perhaps Eric Byrnes of the Diamondbacks. Milton Bradley is an option if they go after a free agent.
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