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Seattle May Target Dunn, Burrell?

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, prices for outfielders are falling to the point where Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik may enter the market for a power hitting outfielder. Whether it is to play outfield or DH, the Mariners can be considered players in the outfield market. One agent, not associated with Adam Dunn, believes NL teams won't overpay for his services because he is a poor fielder. However, AL teams could use him as a DH, which is where most of his interest is coming from. If the Nationals miss out on Mark Teixeira though, their fallback target is believed to be Adam Dunn.

Dunn will hit at least forty homeruns for his next team, but may have to sign a one or two year deal the way the market is going. Poor fielding and a poor batting average hurt his chances for a long term deal, but that doesn't necessarily mean he won't receive a big pay day.

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