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Sources: Burrell Likes Rays

According to sources, free agent outfielder Pat Burrell is intrigued by the possibility of DH-ing for the Rays. Burrell and the Rays know that his defense is slipping and bringing him in on a one or two year deal to play DH would not only have a huge impact on the Rays, but also add years to his career. Burrell hit .250 with 33 HR in 157 games for the World Champion Phillies last season, who defeated the Rays in the postseason.

Players who have moved from the NL to the AL to DH have seen a rise in their average. Jim Thome hit .249 over three seasons with the Phillies, but then hit .269 for the White Sox over the next three seasons. If Burrell could hit .265-.270 with over thirty homeruns for the Rays, he could have a serious impact on the AL East.

In 84 career at-bats as a DH, Burrell has hit .155 with 1 HR and 26 strikeouts.

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