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Top 15 Remaining Free Agents

1. Manny Ramirez, Dodgers
- Boras' asking price for Manny is too high, and teams don't want to offer a long term deal to someone known for giving up easily. Because he has held out so long, he might have to take a one year deal.

Prediction: Dodgers

2. Derek Lowe, Dodgers
Now that the Yankees have made it clear that they are done spending on the market, the Lowe sweepstakes are heating up. The Mets, Phillies, Red Sox, and maybe Braves are all in contention for the most durable pitcher in baseball. I'm surprised that the Brewers aren't making a run.

Prediction: Mets

3. Adam Dunn, Diamondbacks
- Dunn would make for a good DH, but his close ties to Nationals GM Jim Bowden make him a favorite to land in Washington.

Prediction: Nationals

4. Pat Burrell, Phillies
- Burrell's power can't go unnoticed, but his average and proneness to bad slumps may hurt his chances for a long term deal. But if you can hit thirty homeruns, you are going to to have a job.

Prediction: Rays

5. Ben Sheets, Brewers
- Sheets has been labeled as an injury prone pitcher, but has the potential to be an ace. His 3.09 ERA won't go unnoticed.

Prediction: Rangers

6. Orlando Hudson, Diamondbacks
Hudson is the top second baseman on the market, but teams are worried if he can stay healthy. The Mets desperately want him, but need to trade Luis Castillo to make that happen.

Prediction: Nationals

7. Brian Fuentes, Rockies
- Fuentes has made it clear he wants to play in Anaheim, so the Angels will likely try to get a hometown discount. They have two potential closers already, so they don't necessarily need Fuentes.

Prediction: Cardinals

8. Bobby Abreu, Yankees
- Abreu can hit 20 HR at a pretty good average, so teams will go after him. Not only that, but he has pretty good speed as well. A team might be able to sign him to a two year deal.

Prediction: Mets

9. Jason Giambi, Yankees
- The Giambi race is just starting to heat up, and it looks like it will come down to the Rays and A's. Giambi brings power to the table, and making him a full time DH could improve his numbers.

Prediction: Athletics

10. Oliver Perez, Mets
- The Mets are reportedly in talks with Perez, but are holding out until Perez offers something closer to the Mets' proposal. They know teams aren't going to blow away Perez with a big offer, so a return to the Mets at a good price makes sense.

Prediction: Mets

11. Milton Bradley, Rangers
- Bradley is still in talks with the Cubs; however, some think his agent is still shopping him around. Bradley is very injury prone, and a long term deal is a huge risk, even if the Cubs have a lot of depth.

Prediction: Cubs

12. Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks
- Johnson has drawn interest from all over the league, but reportedly would like to stay on the West Coast near his family. With that said, the Athletics and Giants are probably his best options.

Prediction: Giants

13. Orlando Cabrera, White Sox
- Since Rafael Furcal has signed, teams are finding ways to upgrade at the position without going to the free agent market. No team wants to sign Cabrera because they would have to surrender a draft pick. Cabrera is valuable, but not more valuable than a first round draft pick, especially during these times. If he is willing to come down from his asking price, he might find the that the Blue Jays are interested.

Prediction: White Sox

14. Juan Cruz, Diamondbacks
-Cruz is an established set up man, but teams might be waiting for his price to fall before moving in. The Tigers, Royals, Brewers, and more are all interested in Cruz.

Prediction: Diamondbacks

15. Randy Wolf, Astros
- Wolf is coming off his best year in several seasons, but questions concerning his health are a problem. He will still get a good deal, eventually.

Prediction: Cardinals

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