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Joe Crede Update

The Rangers, Twins, and Giants are all showing interest in free agent third baseman Joe Crede. In 97 games this past season, Crede hit .248 with 17 HR and a .314 OBP. He has a pretty good eye of the strike zone, which has gotten better over the years. However, back problems have limited his play over the past couple of seasons. But, that doesn't take away from the fact that he hit 30 homeruns in 2006, with .283 batting average.

The Giants have been eyeing Crede for two seasons now and could use a third baseman who could be there for the foreseeable future. Crede, who will be 31 in March, could be a low risk signing with high reward. You can't rule out the Minnesota Twins. The Twins pursued Casey Blake earlier this offseason, and may go after Crede to be their third baseman. They have Buscher, and signing someone who is familiar with the Metrodome would make for a smooth transition.

If healthy, Crede could hit .270-.280 with 25-30 homeruns and OBP around .330. Adding a player with that potential could make your team a whole lot better.

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