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More Signings

A couple more players avoided arbitration this morning:
  • Jason Repko, 28, and the Dodgers have agreed to a one year deal worth 500 K, plus incentives, according to the L.A. Times.
  • is reporting that the Cardinals have avoided arbitration with Todd Wellemeyer and Chris Duncan. Wellemeyer is eligible for free agency next season, and if he gets off to another good start I wouldn't be surprised to see him receive an extension.
  • The Blue Jays and Brandon League have avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one year deal worth 640 K. League, 25, needs to command his pitchers in order to live up to his full potential.
  • The Braves and Mike Gonzalez have agreed to a one year deal worth 3.45 million dollars. He will be a free agent next season. He'll be behind Jose Valverde and Billy Wagner on the free agent market next year, so he might be smart to sign early at a good price, just in case the economy continues to fall.
  • The Mets and Duaner Sanchez have avoided arbitration. Sanchez with make 1.6875 million dollars next season.
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