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Phillies Interested In Garciaparra, Kapler

The Phillies, who are looking for a right handed hitter off the bench, are reportedly eyeing Nomar Garciaparra or Gabe Kapler. Garciaparra hit .264 with 8 HR in 55 games for the Dodgers last season, and would probably have to take a one year deal, loaded with incentives. The Phillies are probably better off going with Gabe Kapler, who hit .301 with 8 HR in 96 games for the Brewers. While he may cost more, Kapler can play all three outfield positions and is very durable.

The Phillies already have three lefty outfield reserves off the bench, so Garciaparra may make more sense. They signed Marcus Giles to a minor league deal, so they might not need to sign anyone just yet.

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