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Quick Hits: Maholm, Varitek, Abreu, Fogg

Quick Hits:
  • The Pirates and Paul Maholm are closing in on a three year deal worth 14.5 million dollars, is reporting. Maholm has emerged as one of their top prospects, and the Pirates believe he could be on his way to being an ace-calliber pitcher.
  • The Red Sox are closing in on a two year deal with Jason Varitek, is reporting. Don't rule the Red Sox out in making a trade for Miguel Montero of the Diamondbacks. Just because Varitek is back does not mean he will be starting.
  • The Mariners reportedly have some interest in Bobby Abreu. Abreu has been passed on by most teams looking for an outfielder because they felt his price was too high. His price, which now stands at around 8-10 million dollars, was at about 15 when the season ended.
  • Fogg, the savior of the Rockies in 2007, is preparing to accept a minor league deal from the Rockies. He could make the team as a bottom end of the rotation starter, or long reliever.
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