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Rangers Talking To Sheets

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Rangers met with free agent pitcher Ben Sheets on Thursday. Sheets is one of the top starters in the game, but his elbow problems over the past couple of seasons have turned teams to other pitchers. The Rangers pitchers program might have to be something Sheets does lightly, mostly because the team that does sign Sheets will probably need to ease him into a major league workload.

Phillies like Alou?: The Phillies are reportedly showing interest in outfielder Moises Alou, the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting. His father, Giants executive Felipe Alou, told me that he was leaning towards retirement.

Diamondbacks After Garland: Despite rejecting their offer, Jon Garland has resumed talks with the Diamondbacks. Garland has potential to be a good pitcher in Arizona, especially with news of prospect Max Scherezer's arm going dead.

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