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Rays Sign Burrell

The Rays and Pat Burrell have come to terms on a two year deal worth 16 million dollars. Burrell, who hit .250 with 33 HR with a .367 OBP in 157 games for the Phillies last season, will likely DH and hit sixth for the Rays. This is an excellent signing by the Rays who add a veteran outfielder that puts up better power numbers and is much more durable that new Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley, who signed for two million dollars more annually. Not only that, but he is natural leader in any clubhouse.

This likely means that Jason Giambi will sign with the Athletics, leaving Adam Dunn to probably land with the Nationals. As for Bobby Abreu, the Mariners and Mets seem like his best options, but a surprise team could always jump in. If the Giants miss out on Manny Ramirez, they could use that money to pursue Abreu, assuming his asking price is down.

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