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Reds Going After Abreu?

The Reds are showing interest in free agent outfielder Bobby Abreu, but will not engage in talks until his price comes down. The Reds don't necessarily need a lefty, so they are in a good position to negotiate if Abreu does not find a suitor. The Reds need a power bat, particularly a right hander, but have been unwillingly to outbid other competitors. They showed mild interest in Pat Burrell earlier this offseason, but he signed with the Rays. Gabe Kapler is an option, but he probably won't give the Reds the power they are looking for.

The Reds have a strong offensive core, but their pitching was inconsistent. With emerging stars Jay Bruce and Joey Votto, the Reds have the chance to play spoiler in the NL Central. If they explored a trade, they could go after Xavier Nady of the Yankees.

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