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Rice, Henderson Voted In To Hall

Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson are the two newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Henderson, who received 94.8% of the vote, stole 1,406 bases over the course of his 25 year career. Rice, in his final year of eligibility, received 76.4 percent of the vote. He hit 298 with 382 homeruns over the course of his 16 year career with the Red Sox.

I am disappointed to see Bert Blyleven and Lee Smith get turned away. As Trevor Hoffman pulls away with the all-time saves record, it looks less likely that the writers will vote him in. I am a little surprised by Blyleven, considering he has 287 career wins. Not only that, but he was dominate through two decades, throwing complete games in every season but one. In fact, he had 25 complete games in 1973, when he made four starts and went 20-17.

As for Andre Dawson, I think his time will come.

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