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Rosenthal's Latest

Here are a couple updates from Ken Rosenthal's latest piece:
  • The Dodgers are focusing in on signing a free agent pitcher, perhaps Trevor Hoffman. They are also looking to sign a free agent outfielder and may back off Manny Ramirez, who is still asking for a four year deal. Adam Dunn seems like a good pick.
  • The Cardinals need to make more moves to show their young players that they are committed to winning. Rosenthal says that if the Cardinals finish third or lower, that Tony La Russa could be let go. He also says that if they don't return to the top, it is possible Albert Pujols would leave when he becomes a free agent after 2011.
  • Rosenthal suggests that the Angels make a move to help their lineup, who lost Mark Teixeira to the Yankees. However, they are playing in a weak division and do not need to overspend to defeat their opponents. Smart, low cost moves will help the Angels.
  • The Diamondbacks made an offer to Jon Garland, but said they are now pursuing other options. His price could be too high.
  • When I spoke with Kris Benson at the Winter Meetings, he said he was feeling better than ever, and will be ready to pitch for the 2009 season. Promising reports came from his workout and teams could start meeting with Benson in the next week or two.

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